Automatically run the Live Traffic tool when starting Windows 10

20 đánh giá | Điểm số 4/5

    How to set up the Live Traffic tool to automatically start with the system on Windows 10

    Step 1

    Press the key combination Windows+R, type shell:startup in the Run dialog, and press Enter.
    The Startup in File Explorer folder will appear shortly after.

    Nhấn tổ hợp phím Windows+R, gõ shell:startup vào hộp thoại Run và nhấn Enter.

    Step 2

    Next, please copy shortcut of the Live Traffic Client tool to the Startup folder.
    You can also drag and drop directly from the  All Apps  list into this folder.

    Thêm chương trình khởi động cùng hệ thống.

    Step 3

    Once done, from now on when you start the computer, the Live Traffic Client tool will also automatically start with the system.
    You can double check that the application is "ready" to run every time you start up by going to  Task Manager > Startup.

    Bất cứ ứng dụng nào bạn đã thêm vào thư mục Startup sẽ khởi động cùng hệ thống.

    If you want to cancel autostart you can delete the tool from the Startup folder or go to Task Manager and remove the tool  from the startup list.

    21/04/2023 09:53