Google Analytics does not count views. The cause and how to fix it

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    If your website is not visited by Google Analytics, you may have encountered some of the following reasons:

    Due to incorrect settings


    This case often happens to new members who do not understand how to install the url to be correctly viewed and clicked by the system.

    Because of the incorrect view settings, the score is still deducted, but Google Analytics does not statistic the visits.


    You need to keep the following important things in mind.

    1. When searching from Google: Your website can only be clicked when it is in the TOP 10 first results, if the website is outside the TOP 10, you should type the website name after the keyword so that it appears in the TOP 10. ( For example: iphone 13 ebay).
    2. When clicking from other sources: The referral place must contain the website link to click.
    3. Instructions for using Live Traffic

    After installing the url, you should download the Live Traffic tool or chrome extension Live Traffic Viewer to test it before clicking on the correct website or not. When you see that the view is correct, then activate the url to avoid wasting points.

    Plugin WordPress


    In order for Google Analytics to be able to recognize and measure visits to your website, its tracking code (script) must be loaded on page load.

    But in WordPress there are usually a few plugins like lazy loading, or the option to delay JavaScript loading (Delay JavaScript execution) until the user interacts with the web such as hovering, scrolling or clicking.

    It is these plugins or options that cause the situation that even though your website has been viewed by the community, the Google Analytics tracking script has not been fully loaded, leading to the inability to report visits.


    To fix this situation you need to remove the plugin as above, or ignore the option to delay loading, so that the JavaScript code is always fully loaded when the page loads.

    If you have tried all the above methods and still do not work, please contact, we can assist you.


    21/04/2023 09:26