Frequently Asked Questions

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How to increase traffic?

To increase traffic to your website must have points.

Points used to do?

Points for use when other people view your url.

How to get points?

✓ You can earn points by running the tool Live Traffic to earn points, at page Earn Points.

✓ Referrals new person to use, whenever they get points you will receive a 10% commission from the system (using your referral link in the page Referrals).

✓ Running multiple tool on many different machines, you'll get more points!

✓ Or you can buy points at page Buy Points - A simple way to help you still have traffic without having done the way around.

What is Live Traffic tool?

Live Traffic Tool is an application used to view all of the user's url. You will get points for using it, download the tool at the page Earn Points.

I can run multiple simultaneous tool?

Of course, you can run multiple tool simultaneously on many different computers with one account, so your score will be very fast and earn more.

Do I need to run Live Traffic tool?

You do not necessarily have to run the tool if you have more points.

Where can I check my points and my Url view?

You just need to refresh page Account, data will immediately be updated immediately.

How do I know if someone has your view Url truth yet?

The easiest way is you check in Google Analytics, or you can also use the Test View feature in Live Traffic tool.

How to referral new user?

You can referral new users using your referral link in the page Referrals. When they sign up from your link shared, you will receive 10% commission every time they get the points.

In this page you can also see how many users are you referrals, and 10% of your points when they earn points.

Live Traffic is limited url?


Each point corresponds to how much time view Url?

You just remember 1 point the same 1 second. This means that if you want others to see your url for 1 minute, then you need to pay them 60 points.

Time view is fix or random?

View random period + -10s.

Can i limit the view of urls?

Of course, you can limit the maximum view per 1 hour or limit forever.

Url can be seen repeated in one time by one IP address?

No. Each Url will viewed 1 times by one IP address for a period of at least 3 hour.

If I want people to click to my website from Google?

This is the advantage of Live Traffic. In addition to simple view 1 Url, Live Traffic can automatically search for keywords requested by you, then it will click on it.

Live Traffic is free?

Yes of course, Live Traffic free forever.

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