"Một người được gọi là  của một đứa trẻ khi đứa trẻ đó do vợ của ông ta sinh ra."
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Tool mix the article content 2pink Spin Content

Mix the article content helps avoid duplicate content effectively.

With every SEO campaign, creating content is always the top priority (Content is King).

To create quality content that is difficult, sharing it also needs to be cautious because there will be duplication of content.

To solve this problem 2pink Spin Content was developed to support SEOer who can duplicate content with changed words but the meaning remains the same.

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Mix content - 2pink Spin Content


Manage your own synonymy data - A huge database of synonyms from the system.

You can add synonym data for each of your specific industries. With the option of each group of synonyms will help mix content more accurately and better.

Quản lý dữ liệu từ đồng nghĩa của riêng bạn - Kho dữ liệu từ đồng nghĩa khổng lồ từ hệ thống - 2pink Spin Content


Keep formatting of the post after mixing (eg H1, H2, Css tags ...).

The original format of the original article is kept the same after mixing (eg H1 tags, H2, Css ...). This saves a lot of your time when you don't need to customize it.

Giữ nguyên định dạng của bài viết sau khi trộn (vd: các thẻ H1, H2, Css...) - 2pink Spin Content


Unlimited storage of mixed messages - Manage, remix the article easily.

You can save the merged posts on the system so that when you need to use, you can retrieve or merge them into another article easily.