How it works

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Live Traffic - Free website traffic, exchange views and auto click backlink.

From the early days Live Traffic was developed based on the actual needs of individuals and desired to support the community to gain the necessary traffic for the website without having to invest in expensive advertising campaigns.

Experienced in many versions popular with the supporters, the current version of Live Traffic 3.0 is the most complete and stable version.

Live Traffic continues to be researched, developing the best features based on the actual requirements from the user.


How it works:

Sign up for a free account

Register for a free account to get started. It's fast and easy. You only need to enter a valid username, password and e-mail address. When the registration is complete you can go to the management tab area where you can explore the amazing features of Live Traffic!


Add your Url

Click the Live Traffic tab to add your first Url, the number of Url is not limited to you! With Live Traffic you can add Text Link as the link you want to click on on your target page. You can also configure the view time for the Url, the maximum number of views within 1 hour, or total view count.


Run the tool to earn points

Download the Live Traffic tool from the Earn Points tab, just run the tool and then minimize windows, so you can easily earn points from other people without affecting your other work. You can also run the tool on multiple machines with the same account, so the score will get very fast and many. If you do not want to run the tool you can buy points at the Buy Points tab.


Receive traffic

As long as your campaigns are active and you have points remaining in your balance, you will receive traffic to your websites from other users in our network. If you ever need to make changes, tab Live Traffic lets you easily edit and keep track of all your campaigns.


Referral new users to receive commissions

If you want to get more points, introduce Live Traffic to more people via your referral link at the Referrals tab. Each time they get points you will receive 10% points from the system. As your referral network grows, your points source will be terrible!

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