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Increase Traffic to Your Website free

Traffic hoàn toàn từ người thật

Real Human Visitors

Real traffic from real people that is trackable by Google Analytics and more. No bots.

Giảm Alexa Rank

Boost Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is a site's traffic rank compared to all other sites on the web. The lower your rank, the more business!

Tăng giá trị cho website

Increase Website Value

Getting lots of visitors will bring more value to your website!

Giảm tỷ lệ thoát

Lower Bounce Rate

Reduce your bounce rate by 50%-60% or more! We send you the most active users on our network who are likely to view more than one page before leaving your websites.

View website lâu hơn

Increase Time on Site

By setting the visit duration, you can increase your average session duration, pages per session and pageviews.

Không để lại dấu vết

No Footprints

Click and view random time. Each IP address to your site only once during one period of time!

features Live Traffic


Auto find your keywords on Google and click.

Auto click backlink from other websites to your website.

Random click.

Customize time view.

Unlimited number of urls.

An IP address is not repeated view in a short time.

Limit views to 1 hour, select the time frame of day view.

Full statistics, accurate, real-time.



All free.

Works automatically.

Easy to manage and use.

Flexible custom.

Large community.

Support quickly.

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