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Free website traffic, exchange views, auto click Live Traffic


Benefits of using Live Traffic

Increase free website visits, increase website traffic with Live Traffic.


Not only View but also Click

The highlight of Live Traffic is auto click. Can easily customize website clicks from Google search, Social networks... Click reverse pages, reduce bounce rate.


Google Analytics, Search Console

Traffic and keyword click actions are fully and accurately reported by Google Analytics and Search Console.


Improve search rankings

Improve website rankings on Google and other search engines with high quality and organic traffic from real users.


Generate revenue

Get lots of high-quality traffic from real users. Increase Alexa rank, make your website more valuable.

Increase website traffic for free

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How does Live Traffic work?

With just three simple steps, you can naturally and effectively boost the quality of your website traffic.

  • 1

    Add your website

    After successfully registering and logging in, you can access the Live Traffic Dashboard. Here, you have the flexibility to add and configure your website without limitations. Explore a wide range of options to customize the hits according to your needs.

  • 2

    Earn points

    Download the Live Traffic Client software or Chrome extension Live Traffic Viewer to boost website visits. Install it and let the software automatically accumulate points. For each successful view, you’ll earn points credited to your account.

  • 3

    Get views

    Done! Live Traffic will automatically utilize the points you’ve just earned to boost visits to your website. Open Google Analytics to observe real-time traffic.


Why should you use Live Traffic?

Automatic, easy to use

Live Traffic works completely automatically. You just need to add a website and then you can relax and get quality views.

Accurate and complete statistics

Views of Live Traffic are accurately and completely counted on the 2PINK system as well as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Multiple view setting options

Search and click from Google. Click backlinks from other sources. Random click in the page. Customize view time, click time, view limit...

Free forever

All 2PINK.ORG tools will be free forever, we will not charge an annual fee. You just earn points and use them. You can also buy points to support us