Fix the error of clicking the link when viewing the website with Live Traffic

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The error of clicking on the link appears when the Live Traffic tool cannot find the url you have installed to click on.

Why is there an error clicking the link?

When you enter the url in link click action, but because that url doesn't exist in the page being viewed, the Live Traffic tool will not be able to find and click. Therefore, the tool will give a "Click Link" error warning for you to edit the settings for the url.

How to fix

With search from Google

You should note the following:

  • TOP 10: Make sure your website url is in the top 10 of Google and Coc Coc searches. If the website is outside the top 10, type the search keyword with the syntax: "keyword + domain name", for example: "iphone 14 ebay".
    Typing keywords according to the above syntax helps your website appear in the top 10 and increases the value of the website with that keyword.
  • Click exactly: If you want to click specifically on a url, you must copy the exact url. Note that you must copy the exact url of your website, not the encrypted url of Google.
  • Random click: If you want to randomly click on any website url in the top 10, you just need to enter the domain name.
    For example, your website has 2 urls that both appear in the top 10: "" and "". You just need to enter "" in the click action, then the tool will randomly click on 1 of the 2 urls above.


With the type of introduction view from another website

  • Exist: Similar to the search view type. The type of view referred from other sources also needs to make sure the url you want to click on exists on the referrer page.
    For example: If you want to click from Dan Tri newspaper to your website, the article of Dan Tri must contain the url of your website, then you copy that url and paste it into the click action, then the Live Traffic tool can Find and click on your website.
  • Exactly: With any type of view you also need to enter the exact url to click, in addition you can enter the textlink. Or if you want to click relatively accurately you can just enter domain.

Why can I click on the website but still get a click error?

The reason is that the reverse click actions in your own website are still incorrect, the link to click does not exist or is wrong.
Tips: If you don't need to click with absolute precision, you should leave it in random click mode. Now the tool will find and randomly click on any url in your website.

Should test retest to be sure

To know, for sure, the view settings are correct or not, you should use the test view feature on the Live Traffic tool by downloading the tool and installing it at the point earning page.

  • Step 1: Select the url to test in url management interface on Live Traffic page
  • Step 2: Click the test button on the Live Traffic tool to double check that the view and click actions are correct according to your settings.

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