Turbo view - Increase quality traffic, earn double points

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Turbo view is a feature added to Live Traffic Client from version onwards. This feature helps members earn more points as well as help the community view more quality.

Activate Turbo view

The Turbo menu is located on the left side of the Live Traffic Client tool. When Turbo is turned on, the number of points you get will be 2 times higher.

When Turbo is on

The icon will be yellow with the word Turbo On, and the tool will not be hidden in the bottom right corner of the screen, but always displayed on the screen.

Bật turbo view Live Traffic


When turning off Turbo

The icon will return to white with the word Turbo Off, you can hide the tool in the bottom right corner of the screen, the tool will still earn points, but the number of points received will be only half that of when Turbo is on.

Tắt turbo view Live Traffic


More quality views

The reason Turbo view was added to the Live Traffic Client is because:

Google Analytics 4

In the future Analytics 4 (GA4) will be completely replaced by Google Universal Analytics (UA). One of the many important changes of GA4 compared to UA is the “User Engagement Index” based on “Average Time of Engagement”.

If the site is live but not visible, GA4 will not collect user engagement metrics, resulting in extremely low Average Engagement Time.

If in the past when using UA for analysis, we were often interested in 2 important metrics, Time On Site and Bounce Rate, then Live Traffic Client can still ensure these 2 metrics are beautified even though they are hidden. bottom of the screen. But to gradually adapt to new standards from Google in the future, this type of view will no longer be suitable.

Wordpress Plugin

In order for Google Analytics to detect and measure visits to your website, its tracking code (script) must be loaded on page load.

But Wordpress often has a few plugins such as lazy load, rocket ..., or the option to delay JavaScript loading (Delay JavaScript execution). They are responsible for delaying the loading of JavaScript if the web page is not interactive.

Therefore, if the website is viewed but hidden in the bottom right corner of the screen, the Google Analytics script will not be loaded, leading to the inability to statistics visits and interactions.

It is for the above reasons that Live Traffic Client needs to be upgraded to bring more quality website visits.

How to optimize?

Maybe members who have to use the device to both work and earn points will feel quite uncomfortable with the new way of working of Turbo view when it cannot hide down and always jump to the front of the screen.

The solution to harmonize the two is that every time you need to work, you should turn off Turbo and vice versa when you rest, you should turn on Turbo On again to be able to earn points faster and more.


21/04/2023 09:34