Increase website traffic by mobile devices (mobile, tablet)

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Instructions on how to increase the view of the website by mobile devices (mobile and tablet), help diversify devices to access, increase quality traffic for the website.

Mobile device update

Live Traffic Client has updated a lot of popular mobile devices today such as: iPhone, iPad, Android devices... in order to diversify viewing devices besides PC. New devices will also be regularly updated in the future.

Enable mobile, desktop view

Depending on their needs, members can easily choose viewing device for each Url by activating Mobile Only, PC Only or both at the Url list management interface.

View rate from devices


When activating "Mobile Only" mode, all 100% views of Url will come from mobile devices.

Similarly, if "PC Only" is active, all 100% views of Url will come from normal computers.

Default mode:

If you keep the default mode "Mobile + PC" then the view rate for the Url will be distributed evenly for Mobile and PC about 50/50.

21/04/2023 09:29